Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The flight-episode4

As soon as she was drowned in the dizziness of the drink, all she could think of was  her dreary , dead life. but life was not always the same fo her.She had been an athlete in her school time, a bubbly,cheerful kind of a girl : what an irony. Her thoughts crossed over some twenty years ago when she was about fifteen years of age.

                                                                 *   *    *

The young  girl was preparing for her first major race. She was in the school ground full of children of all sizes , ages and colours .She took her position and bent down at the starting line.The  physical education teacher called out in a loud, clear voice-- three , two, one and go.

She started running for her life. Ritika , her greatest competitor took the lead which frustrated her more. But she had to prove it to her mom that she could also get the medal. Her mother was an allrounder in her college  and hoarded a shelf full of cups and medallions for races, debates, poetry recitals etc.Though she was good , but she wanted to be the best.It was not her herself but for her mom.She doted on her. So, she ran with such a might that she defeated Ritika easily and gladly hugged her mom waiting for her at the finishing line.

"So, mom, what is going to my gift?", asked little Sukanya, while they were walking down the road after the Prize Distribution ceremony.

Mother casually said,"Beta, you know whatever you want , I would take you that today.I'm really proud of you. But if I were you , I would just ask one thing from God."

"What's that mom?"
'Strength of character"

Her mom went silent and so did Sukanya.She didn't understand what it meant though at that time.

                                                                          *    *     *

Now that she was in this flight ,sitting with this Chinese  looking man, all that she needed was "strength of character " to bear with him. She decided to keep mum, ignore his foolish upstart kind of humour and teach him a lesson in dignity. He had already made her shift her seat rudely , misbehaved and also let her "Dharma Brashta" by letting her eat the sickening non-vegetarian dish.

Now, no more, she told herself quite firmly and looked outside the toughened glass  window.
Outside she saw  magnificent snowlike clouds carpetting the sky.She wished again that she were a swallow or a skylark.The drink had made her tormented, lonely soul relax.

"strength of character "...yes surely I have it in me,she mused...

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