Sunday, 19 August 2012

The flight-episode 5

"So, what's your name ?", the Chinese looking  man asked with a casualness bereft of any real intention to know Sukanya's name.

"It's Sukanya", she replied in a curt , distanced tone.

"So, are you really a good girl, I think that's what your name means, right?"

Sukanya was amazed at the man's response as he was definitely not Indian. She had evaluated his being a North Eastern  but had waved it off because there was a certain foreignness in him.She looked long at his small eyes thinking if she could have been wrong .He, as though reading what was troubling her mind shot ,"I am not an Indian, completely though. My name's Lin, Lin Chang."

"Ohh, so how come you know  Hindi?Even the meaning of my name..."

"My mother is an Indian.So you may call me half Indian, half Chinese"

"Oh really?,"Sukanya was relieved that atleast he was somewhere Chinese and not Japanese, Korean or the other breeds she had nastily called him , a few minutes ago.

She felt the heavy baggage of hatred and discomfort released and her innate belief and trust in people take over.She smiled and when he  questioned her again if she was really a good girl like her name suggested she said,"Yes I am. Have always been one. Never been bad."

While she said that,  a voice from deep inside thwarted the entrails of her soul wanting to break free and yell loudly ,"I am a good girl.Yes I am. But I wanna see how it feels to be bad, I wanna see whether I am happier being a good girl or am I really not that innocent. "
Suddenly another thought came crashing as the lightening that strikes the dark night,"strength of will" and she felt herself numb again.

"I am sure you are,"said Lin in a mocking tone.

"Let me tell you a little story of another good girl", announced Lin.

Sukanya fell silent .She waited for him to begin the story.

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