Thursday, 1 December 2011

He's so lucky!!

It was a Sunday morning.Lazying up in the bed, he looked around if she was there.She wasn't; as usual,she must have woken up at six,brushed her golden brown frizzy hair and headed for a morning jog .She was lovely-green eyes,impeccable peaches and cream complexion,an athletic figure.What else can a man ask for in a wife?
Everyone was so envious of Micheal who had been recently married to this charming woman with stricking beauty.

He woke up with a smile smuggly placed on his thin lips.The last night was awesome,he thought .They had been to Rockman's Beer Island in Ambience Mall to celebrate the culmination of a year of marriage .They had had so much beer that they both laughed and it was quite a task  to reach back home safely.She had ordered fish and chips,a dish she loved despite its calories.He had recently turned a vegetarian because of the high cholesterol levels depicted in his regular medical check-ups .He just ordered some sphaggeti in red sauce.But who wanted to eat?They just wanted to fill their hearts out by looking at each other,making loving movements towards each other,hold each other tightly and just merge into each other.

His thoughts were suddenly broken by a knock at the door.

"Hey you are up?"

"Yes dear.Would you mind a cup of green tea?",he offered.
"No baby.Just a minute, lemme change ."

Just as Tina turned around to reach the washroom door,she was trapped in his muscular arms.She could sense he was getting naughty again so she swerved and rushed into the bathroom and locked herself in.He kept trying hard,he pleaded and requested but all in vain.

Come out and then I'll tell you,he threatened .

She came out in exact fifteen minutes and found him waiting on the dining table with a full-laid breakfast tray.She always liked the eggs hard boiled and muesli crunchy.

He loved her so much that he laughed at the comments of typical Indian MCP's at his office.
If they would have married someone as adorable as Tina,they would understand.They are all bloody jealous.They eye her from top to bottom on the  Family Days ,whisper out in each other's ears,"Look, how lucky this chap Micheal is.Even though he is nothing but ordinary,he's bagged a fortune in Tina."

It ddin't bother him at all.He was content and happy in the fact that she married him for his intelligence and expertise in his job as a Regional Manager , not for his six figure salary.She had agreed so swiftly and smoothly when he proposed marriage to her that even he was amazed at his good fortune.

The door bell rang.
It must be the driver.
They were to go for a Sunday brunch at a five star hotel as always.They always lived in style,making people J.
He opened the door . Kamlabai entered."Saab ,berakfaast abhi talak rakha hai?

"Arre bai ,tumhe dikhta nahin,maine aur memsahib ne breakfast kar liya?"

"Saab to satak gayele hain ",Kamlabai whispered to Raju,the driver who just entered with the medicine box through the porch.

The driver rankled in pain,"Aissa ichh hota hai jab aapki nayi wife ka first anniversary par hi accident main death hojaye.Saab abhi talak bhool nayi paaya unko,woh thi hi aisich.
Tum jao bai,main saab ko khana khila dega."

The next morning Micheal looked lazily from the bedroom window  ",Why does she have to so be so beautiful?"People will be jealous and say,"He's so lucky!!"


  1. Amazing......but this shouldn't be a realty in anyone's life

  2. such a great ......what a touchy turning point......tragic and romantic both elements in a small story......gud one