Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The flight -episode 6

The good girl that I'm talking of was about 17 years of age .She worked as a nurse in a  shoddily constructed  hospital at the outskirts of Kashmir. It was the year when The Republic of China barged into its good neighbour India and the war ensued for many days.

It was then when a Chinese army man, injured and oozing with blood was brought to the hospital.
The Indian counterparts wanted to take his life as he had bravely taken life of at least a dozen Indian soldiers.But they were forbidden.So there he was lying unconsciously in a coma like state,  for about a month ,taken care by this lovely looking Kashmiri girl.About a month passed and she had got used to start her morning duties by giving the man a sponge ,making him eat ,sitting resiliently and patiently at his service.The Chinese man had started to speak a bit of Kashmiri and shared how he was forcefully taken in the army,though he wanted to become a painter. He requested her to arrange for some sheets and colours and drew a portrait of her to impress her. They had forgotten that they belonged to enemy countries and would sneak up from the hospital to spend time with each other.

But the destiny had something else in store.

"That Kashmiri lady was your Mother."Sukanya's question was rhetorical.
"Yes ", said Lin in a low sad tone.
So what happened? Sukanya was impatient.
They were forced to go separate ways as the political leaders would have it.After my father was sent back to China after the Embassy's interference,my mother discovered she was expecting me.She became pale and left the North of India and settled in the south -Kerala where I'm going to meet her.It's my face that reminds her of my dad therefore I was sent to the hostel at the early age of six.It was only when I was eighteen that she told me all this.She lost contact with her family and thrived on the love of about three months that she shared with my father.

What did she get by being a good girl ?She should have hated my father for being from an enemy country?Why couldn't she?

Lin's voice had lost its  flirtatiousness .

Sukanya was dead silent.The flight was about to land.All that she could think was how appearances can be deceptive.This Chinese looking man had made her realize that in just about three hours.

The air-hostess announced that the flight was about to reach their destination.As the flight landed and Sukanya walked out of the airport into the waiting arms of her husband:her eyes were on Lin who suddenly interspersed into the maddening crowd.


  1. Read all the episodes in one go.. really liked the continuity.. nice story and nice end!

  2. Hi.. i have been a regular visitor to your blog.. Pls do start writing stories again., The episodes kept us bounded.. Thanks

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