Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The twin

His name was Siddharth and people were in awe of him.A successful career as a  CA  in an MNC with a six figure salary,a BMW ,a lovely wife and two small kids whom he loved to death.
But noone knew that he had a twin residing in him:Sid,a bashful ,violent person who could be as dangerous as death itself.

This incident just freaks me out.I happen to be Sid's childhood friend , a confidante , a real chuddy-buddy and more than that,his wife. 

That day he had drunk way too much.The party was noisy and the music almost ripped the ears of the people who stood too close to the speakers.But Sid was away, sitting near the bartender ,ordered drink after drink. He saw her in the distant, a white short dress; she definitely looked hot and inviting.Luckily she came up to the bar and there he shot his one liner,"I think I've seen you somewhere! "

She turned towards him in a seductive way and held his hand,"I work in the same  company so perhaps you are right.You must have seen me at any other offsite like this one."

So the conversation had begun.After an hour long discussion ,it was time to leave.As any other opportunistic man would do, Sid also offered her a lift. She gladly accepted as if waiting to be asked.

"Such are the girls these days: AVAILABLE," he mused,conniving what he ought to do next.By the time he reached her place,he had already planned his next move. If she asks him to come for  a coffee, she's in the game, if not she still has to be in,whether she likes it or not.

Presently the car came to a shrieking halt. Sid like a true gentleman got down to open the door for her.She looked astonishinly awesome in the moonlight.

"Why don't you come up for  a cup of coffee?"
Sid's heart skipped a beat.She was walking ahead of him in an enchanting gait.Reaching near  the lift she paused for a while and looked whether he was following her or not.

Sid was sweating profusely. He wanted to smoke a cigarette badly. As soon as they halted near the door,she fiddled in her handbag for the house keys.Finally she laid the door bare open.

There ,at the entrance stood two lovely kids,waiting for their papa-mumma to come home after the party.

"Why have'nt you been sleeping dearie?,said Siddharth,as it was now him who was back. Sid had stealthily squirmed out of the scene.Nita looked smilingly at the three of them.She was used to such misadventures but was glad that he's always home.


  1. Lovely... <3
    That's the way a human mind is sometimes....split personality!


  2. love it maam :) was waiting for a dark secret all the while

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