Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The flight -episode-2

Her mind wandered off to the morning details before she had reached the Delhi airport.The maid  had not turned up so she had a number of  mundane chores to be finished.The clothes had to be put inside as it was the monsoon going on, the kids had to be bathed and fed and dropped to her parents house.
The milkman  had to be instructed not to deliver the the milk  for a week. Also the house had to be locked properly before coming down the stairs from her third floor flat .

While her mind was boggled with the minor details  from the morning, suddenly she felt a breath near her ear.She was startled to find the Chinese looking man so near her that she almost jumped in her seat. Beholding the quizzical look on her face , the plain looking man retorted,"Ms. Your heel is pinching my foot.Can you please sit properly?"

Embarrased, red with shame she realized that she had been extending a painful squash from her six -inch heel."I am so sorry " were the only words that could come out.

"So ,are you going  for a holiday?",asked the man casually.

"Ya ,kind of.Going to spend some time with my husband in kerala.He is posted there." Sukanya was relieved to find the man initiating the converstaion after what he had been a very embarrasing start of a journey.

"What does he do there?"

"He is an  environmental engineer doing a research on Kerala backwaters and forests."

"Oh, thats a very innovative field I must say",commented the man.

"What do you do?,"asked sukanya coyly.

"Iam a wanderer.
I don't plan a thing
If I want to dance
I better learn to sing."

"The man seems interesting". My time would pass very easily.

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